Community Support - OpenMRS Implementor and Developer Office Hours

As a way of providing additional support to contributors to OpenMRS platform, reference application and implementations all over the world, I would like to suggest the concept of office hours, where you can actually speak to a human :wink:

This does not remove the existing channels like Talk (here), IRC, Telegram, JIRA, regular Project Management meetings, design calls, university calls etc but compliments them in provides an opportunity to speak to someone, brainstorming your problem or idea or thinking out aloud. I know I find that very useful

Taking into account other meetings and timezone differences, I would like to suggest the following:

  1. Wednesdays 12:00 to 14:30GMT
  2. Channel -
  3. Start date - Wednesday July 11, 2018 (I plan to be hanging around in the channel)

Thoughts, ideas and suggestions are welcome

Update: Corrected the timezones to what I actually meant


Love this idea! +1. Recently folks requested we list out a few timezones with a scheduled meeting.

This open forum will be at 8am Seattle, 11am Boston, 16:00 Lagos, 17:00 Berlin, 18:00 Kampala, 19:00 Nairobi, 20:30pm IST, 11pm Manila. See more timezones here.

Thanks @ssmusoke!

I consent with you. There are times you just feel like expressing your idea directly to a person for the immediate solution.

Will be great with Dev and PM calls in focus. I wish this was done for other meetings as well.

Oops sorry for my timezone mishap, I meant start at 12:00GMT which is 15:00 Kampala/Nairobi, 5:00 Seattle, 8:00 Boston, 13:00 Lagos, 14:00 Berlin, 17:30 IST, 8pm Manila

The idea is to help those in the Africa/Asia timezones where the implementations are happening


This being new, sending us a minimum of two reminders, may increase attendance. One reminder could be a day before, and another just a couple of minutes before starting. The former could be at exactly the same time as the meeting to take place the following day.

@ssmusoke @burke Can we post the recorded office hours each week to Talk for those that didn’t get to attend? It would be great to hear questions that people are asking and to better understand what topics people are coming to the call to discuss. That would help us determine which topic areas of our community may need additional building out for folks to have resources, etc.

@ssmusoke did this happen on Wednesday July 11, 2018? Is it happening again today?

@dkayiwa Thanks for bringing this up - fell off my radar, @jthomas please can you help me schedule this on the OpenMRS calendar, so that no body forgets - my memory is not as good as it used to be :frowning:

@ssmusoke anyone with an OpenMRS ID can post to the OpenMRS calendar. However I have posted this. Please feel free to edit it if necessary.

Thanks @jthomas

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@dev5 @dev4 @dev3 @dev2 @dev1 and anyone else - we shall be having this week’s developer hours :wink:

Looking forward to seeing you there

Date: Wednesday September 5, 2018

Time: 12:00GMT to 14:00GMT which is 15:00 Kampala/Nairobi, 5:00 Seattle, 8:00 Boston, 13:00 Lagos, 14:00 Berlin, 17:30 IST, 8pm Manila



Reminder everyone office hours start in one hour …

Office hours now open …