Community Health Toolkit: Added a FHIR Standard Interoperability Layer

Hi everyone, I am Philip from Medic working as one of the technical product owners within the product team that stewards the Community Health Toolkit (CHT). We have implemented the Loss to Follow Up (LTFU) workflow system for CHIS based on the OpenHIE LTFU Guide. image We used a middleware to convert the CHT data structure into a standardized form so the other systems can read the data, as shown above. The components and reference information for the interoperability layer built were OpenHIE, OpenHIM and HL7 FHIR. The following FHIR resources were used to implement the flow above: Patient, Encounter, Subscription, Organization and Endpoint.

We are seeking information on whether community members have integrated the CHT with other systems and what their experience has been. Please let us know if you require any support in implementing this work in your specific scenarios with OpenMRS; we are happy to provide any clarifications and support.

These enhancements can be used as a reference in any project; the CHT-Interoperability Github repository is publicly available.

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No Observation resource?

We used the Request Community Based Follow-Up as our proof of concept; this workflow did not require the Observation resource. What scenario do you have in mind that we could require the Observation resource?