Communicate with project mentors

I need a help from GSOC project mentor Ian Bacher regarding submission of proof of enrollment. How to communicate with the mentor as there are no details in his profile page.

Hi @nischalvangipuram to submit you proof of enrollment, scan your documents, convert them to pdf format and upload on the GSoC dashboard.

To communicate with the project mentor, just create a talk thread here and ping him. He will respond to your queries.

@nischalvangipuram Try to include his name/nick/ID in a message and he will be alerted.

cc @ibacher


Hi @nischalvangipuram!

I know Google has put together this page and @suthagar23, one of our GSoC admins, may know more than i do, but, as far as I know, the proof of enrollment is an issue you’ll need to contact Google directly about.

If you do need to reach out to me, you can always ping me as others have pointed out.

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Yes as mentioned above, @nischalvangipuram, you have to contact GSoC Support (from Google) to resolve your issues (It could be a common discussion mailing list or Apart from that, you can discuss with any project related matters with the community or mentor(s).

Further, The GSoC Support team might have some alternative plans to move forward with the Proof of Enrollment as many students can’t get their letters due to the lockdown of universities these days. So you better talk with GSoC support to resolve your issues regarding the proof of enrollment.