Common Layouts for Final Presentation

Hi GSoCers!,

We wanted to create the Final Video Presentation for our final evaluations. So shall we follow a common layout design?

Advantages :

  • It will be highlighted among the community if we all have same layouts

  • Easy for the understanding by others, If we all have same layouts

  • We can publish as a playlist on Youtube under OpenMRS :slight_smile:

@harsha89 @k.joseph Can we create any layout for the presentation like this following?

Plan for the layouts

Share PSD or PNG of the pages, So all students can edit for their needs or they can follow those layouts and create like that using any applications(in case of Photoshop problems)

  • Share Presentation Front page

  • Share another page with some Bullets designs and paragraph designs

  • Share End page of the Presentation.


What about creating a common layout in Google Slides, then sharing it? OpenMRS may have already got such layouts designed in ppt, I don’t know :slight_smile:

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Seems like a good idea, and by setting a format it will be easier in creating the final project presentation. Like @gayanw said, if everyone is onboard, we can share a google ppt with edit access, and chalk out a template which suits everyone. Atleast for the introduction and conclusion. :smiley:

Yes, Indeed. This is a good idea. I like it :+1:

I thought PSD or PNG will be easy for the video production through the editing applications such as Premier, Sony vegas, and etc :slight_smile:

Not everyone is comfortable with Adobe applications. Also, it’d be against the spirit of Open-source to use proprietary software when free and open-source tools are available. I like the idea about Google ppt. We can create a common template, give access to everyone on board and produce our final presentations in a similar fashion :slight_smile:

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Appreciate content :slight_smile: So better to move with Google Slides for the presentation layouts.