command For shutting down the openmrs -sdk?

i want to shut down my sdk so as i can deploy my built chmod files and check for the made changes.I have found it necesssary to make sure that the sdk is shut down so as to avoid re-running another instance on another port!! i have tried to look around for a commad that can help shut down the sdk on windows operating system but failed to find one.will be glad for any support!!

Have you tried rebooting your machine?

when i reboot it works fine but i just need a command that helps me so as to avoid continous rebooting

I have never seen that feature while dealing with the sdk. But I always use the task manager and explicitly terminate the folk java process.

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@samuel34 I consent with you .

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okie thanks i thought we had some thing like shutdown as the case with tomcat,mean while let me go by the idea of the task manager

@samuel34,@jwnasambu terminating explicitly the java process using the task manager works for me thanks

@samuel34 @jwnasambu terminating the java process explicitly through the task manager works for me thanks

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