Come mentor students with GCI 2016!

Hi everyone,

Hope that you’re all doing well.

Back in the day when you signed up as students for our GSOC program, we also asked that you consider ‘paying it forward’ by being mentors for the Google Code-in program for high school students. Well, GCI is around the corner, so i’m writing to ask if you’d consider taking up this role for this years GCI program. You can read more about the GCI program here:

Of course, we understand that you may not be familiar with the GCI process, but I (and others) will be available to help you with the process.

Personally speaking, this is a really rewarding program to be involved in, so I would encourage all of you to apply. In terms of time commitment - i’d say that depends on how much you want to be involved. You could spend as less as 30 minutes a day, or (of course) even more.

Please feel free to check out Come be a mentor for Google Code-in!!! on what you need to do!


I’d just like to chime in: GCI is not easy work, but there’s a sense of awe and just…pure joy that comes when you see the students really start to love open source and coding in general. At least for me, reading @vincentes’s wrap-up blog post and the excitement he showed in his post…made all those hours of work worth it.

Remember (about the time committment bit) that you assume ZERO experience. That said – don’t be scared, mentor these kids and make them awesome FOSS developers!

It’s gonna be stressful (potentially, may not be so) but it will be A LOT of fun. Do it – you won’t regret it. It’s worth it – I promise you!