Come join us in Sri Lanka, for CMA 2016!!!!

Hi everyone,

@paul and myself will be in Sri Lanka (13th to 16th Oct) to attend CMA2016 ( We’ll be joined by a lot of interesting folks from the healthcare space, plus of course our friends from Bahmni.

So, OpenMRS folks in Sri Lanka, would you like to meet up with Paul and I during our stay? i’m looking at @harsha89 @akshika47 @rasanjana and so many others!

Date: Possibly on the evening of the 13th Oct (which is a Thursday)

Venue: The Cinnamon grand hotel, or somewhere close like that…

EDIT: i’m sorry, this was implicitly stated, but lest anyone missed it, @angshuonline, @kwurst, @pkanchankar, of course you’re invited to join us :slight_smile:

That’s sounds geeat. :slight_smile:

Ok, the 13th it is. @akshika47, please consider this as a personal invite, would really love to see you there. Also @milan, you too :slight_smile:

Friends, lets plan to meetup at around 6.30 pm at the Cinnamon grand? how does that sound?

@surangak Thank you for the invitation. I will sure be there. Yes Cinnamon Grand would be an ideal place :smiley: :smiley:

@surangak that’s sounds great!