Comcast Innovation Grand - Open Source Development Grants


I found the opportunity that should perfectly fit into OpenMRS

Open Source Development Grants are intended to fund new or continued development of open source software in areas of interest to Comcast or of benefit to the Internet and broadband industries. This can fund a range of development, from adding specific features to an existing open source project, to general support of an open source project in which we are interested. Applicants for these grants may be organizations, academic institutions, or individuals.

Grants are made on a rolling basis throughout the year, so applications can be submitted at any time.

We do not anticipate individual grants exceeding $150,000

I’ve talked with @terry @hamish and @darius about this grant, and we would like to send the Security proposal we’ve written first to the Core Infrastructure fund, then to the DIAL. We would like also add evaluation component into the submission as well as the identification of best practices.

We’ve still waiting for the DIAL decision (first they said, that the’ll have results on the start of August, then that on the end of the month and we still don’t have feedback), so maybe not to duplicate proposals, let’s wait one more week and then send it to the Comcast.

Here is the potential submission, if you want to comment or suggest some changes, feel free to do that, every voice matters to create the best proposal.

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@maciej You should probably adjust sharing options of the doc, currently anyone can edit it.

@jtrzebiatowski Yes, this is on purpose - anyone can contribute to it and if something would be not right, I can always go back to older version of the document, thanks to Google Doc

I’ve edited the document today to fit into Comcast requirements - I would like to send it at the beginning of the next week. If anyone of you have any comments or suggestions, please reply to this topics or write something in the comments of the proposal.