Cohort permissions: are admin and view permission sufficient for now?

Continuing from our discussion on advancing Cohort support for patient lists, the platform team has cleaned up the cohort module (moving cohort-level visit/encounter/program/obs and cohort role features currently only used by AMPATH into a separate module). As we work to prepare the leaner cohort module to serve as a foundation for cohorts in the OpenMRS Platform and support the needs for patient lists, we have a question of implementers & application teams:

Is having admin & view permission sufficient for cohorts & patient lists?

Our initial design was to support these levels:

Permission Description
Admin Can do anything with cohort (edit, rename, delete). Effectively, one of the owners of the cohort.
Edit Can make changes to the definition (e.g., add or edit members for manually managed cohorts or edit the definition for cohorts based on criteria or an expression).
View View members of the non-public cohort, but cannot make changes

But for now, we thought that Admin and View could suffice, saving Edit for a future iteration.

Would this (admin & view support) meet any near-term needs of OpenMRS 3.0 patient lists?

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I think that’s fine as long as multiple users can be admin

I was going to say the same thing. As long as sharing a list across users can be done effectively (that would mean for now as co-admins), your suggestion is good to go.

Great to read your summary above @burke. I didn’t realise that the Platform Team had moved forward so much on the subject already :muscle:

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