Cohort Module Repo?

Hello all.

There was a great discussion in this thread on the cohort module: Cohort Module Enhancements

We are looking to use/contribute to this module. Could someone point us toward the code base?

People of interest: @jdick, @fali, @nkimaina, @maimoonak , @burke, @sharonvarghese

Are you looking for this?

Yes. Thanks Daniel. Is anyone still actively working on this?

None that am aware of.

I don’t see the omod for this file in - is there a reason for that? i.e. is it not in a stable state?

Anyone using this module?

@maimoonak @bholagabbar @ssmusoke any comments on the above?

Hi @jdick,

The module was basically part of GSOC 15,16 and was not added on OpenMRS modules list. It may need some changes and QA before adding to module list of OpenMRS. We are happy to provide guidance or any help in understanding the module.

Thanks @maimoonak. Any chance you have the most recent omod you could make available for testing?

We are reviewing the code and testing it. The project can be tracked here .

Would update the release by day end today for your review.

Thank you!!

Hi @jdick,

We are still working on few refactorings and hopefully would be able to share the updated omod by tomorrow with proper naming conventions and finalized schema. However, here is a copy of omod of current master branch This can provide a view of how module works and what are different pages available.

Apologies for the delay but these changes are mandatory so that we can make it part of standard OpenMRS module repo.

Thanks @maimoonak!

Just cc’ing some of the team here.

@achachiez, @fali, @nkimaina

Hi @maimoonak,

Any updates on the module?

@maimoonak also, does it work with OpenMRS version 2.1.2? If not, can you provide guidance on how to upgrade it?

Hi @fali

The module can be downloaded here .

This is tested and working fine on openmrs 2.0.6. Hopefully it would work on 2.1.x as well. If it doesnot let me know I can change the build version to 2.1.x.

Sharing the document shortly. However, if you are familiar with OpenMRS REST architecture the code is here. URL would be like /openmrs/ws/v1/cohortm/[cohortrole/cohort/cohorttype/…]

Please find here the link to REST doc. Thanks @imranarif for this.

@jdick I have added you to administrators on project cohort module If needed you can maintain sprints and issues here for development and further coordination on REST API.

@fali I forgot to mention that the latest code is in branch 2.1.0

Thanks @maimoonak! I will try it out and give feedback.