Cohort Builder Sprint 3

Overview: This is a one week sprint. The focus is to add searches against the openmrs rest module having recently being unblocked on those tasks.

We’ll be having a demo on Monday (3/4/2017) to go over the results of this sprint. The demo will be via hangouts here. It’ll hold by 1pm GMT. Everyone is welcome.

Daily progress can be seen at

Objectives Make searches against the backend.

Start Date: 27/03/2017 End Date: 31/03/2017

JIRA Board:

Github Repo: (master branch)

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Happy to see this!

I will be back home in Seattle (GMT-7) on Monday, and for the rest of the project. I can’t do a 3am call, so could we schedule the demo/showcase for a different time?

For example: 6am Seattle = 1pm GMT = 2pm Lagos = 4pm Nairobi/Kampala

4pm Kampla is fine for me.

Thanks Darius. I’ve updated the time.