Cohort Builder Sprint 16 Demo Announcement

Good day, everyone,

Here’s inviting you all to join our Demo happening Today, Friday 8th October 2017. We fixed bugs and improved the User Interface in line with the OpenMRS style guide in this Sprint. Find details about the demo below:

Demo Details

Date: 08/12/2017

Time: 2:00PM WAT (GMT+1:00)

Video Call Link

Sprint Details:

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Cohort Builder:

Hello everyone,

There’s been a change of date for the Cohort Builder Sprint 16 Demo. The details have been updated above to reflect the new changes

Hello All, Cohort Builder Sprint 16 Demo starts in 15mins. Heres a link to join the Hangout Call:

For those who couldn’t join us live for the demo, here’s a link to watch the demo: