Cohort Builder Sprint 15 Demo Announcement

Hello Everyone,

Please accept this invitation to our Demo happening tomorrow (Tuesday 21st November 2017) between 4: 00pm - 5 : 00pm EAT.

In this sprint, we worked on improving the screen flow, enhanced performance, and further improved the user experience, for previously raised issues.

Please find more details regarding the demo and the tasks we worked on in this sprint below:-


Date : 21/11/2017

Time : 4 : 00 PM - 5 : 00 PM (EAT)

Sprint Announcement : Cohort Builder Sprint 15 Announcement

Video Call Link : Join the video call here


Sprint Wiki :

Jira Board :

Github Repository :

Cohort Builder Demo App Link :

cc @dkayiwa

Update : The date had erroneously been indicated as 20/11/2017(which is in fact today’s date) This has since been corrected.

The correct Demo date is Tuesday 21st November 2017.

Accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.

In case you did not make it for the demo, here’s the video link ==>