Cohort builder owa and Build in repot owa webApps.

I am trying to run the cohorts builder web App and built in report owa webApp on platform 1.11.9.

Does these two owa apps are supports this platform.

Yes, Cohot builder is compatable but for the build in report we need those reports i.e are available in openmrs platform2.x @judeniroshan .Can you help me out how can I make your owa webApp on platform 1.11.9.

OpenMRS built-in reports module is available from Reference Application 2.7 onawards. In order to test this module in your local environment, just follow the way to upload any OWA module.

Yes,it worked but there are not configured reports available in my installation.Can you tell me a way how can I create those reports manually on platform 1.11.4.If you have the sql data defination for those reports please it.So I will make it my own.

The reports are defined inside Reference MetaData module.

You need to install the reference metadata omod into your OpenMRS server.

Thanks I have already installed that but I think i.e is little old version.I am trying it with latest one and will let you know.