Cohort Based Patient Programs

My basic understanding of patient programs is that once defined anyone can be enrolled. We have a use case where a group wants to define a program which only pregnant women can be enrolled. Thinking about this made realize that it is simply a requirement that wants to restrict enrollment based on cohorts. This of course create questions for those criteria which are temporary, for example if the enrollment is only for pregnant women, how can one ensure that the members are removed once they are no longer pregnant?

Has anyone implemented this or think of implementing a feature like this? What do people think about this?

Many thanks.

  1. You can create a form post submission action which immediately removes a member who is no longer pregnant.
  2. You could AOP the ObsService and immediately remove a member who is no longer pregnant.
  3. You could create a scheduled task that runs at a certain interval to remove members who are no longer pregnant.
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