Coded program attribute select list is empty

I have setup a program through the OpenMRS admin but after assigned program_attribute_type to a concept the select is populated but the options are empty. I have tried with multiple concepts

I have also used the one directly from the documentation but to no success.

I have used the following insert query.

insert into program_attribute_type(name, description, datatype, min_occurs, creator, date_created, uuid, datatype_config) values('Oedema','Oedema', 'org.openmrs.customdatatype.datatype.ConceptDatatype', 0, 1, NOW(), UUID(), 142);

Concept with id 142 is a question coded concept with answer concepts.


@gokul @binduak

I have fixed with adding

    <div class="left" data-ng-switch-when="org.openmrs.customdatatype.datatype.ConceptDatatype">
        <select id="{{}}" ng-model="targetModel[]" ng-options="a.conceptId as a.description for a in ::attribute.answers" ng-disabled="::isReadOnly(" ng-required="{{::attribute.required}}" ng-blur="::handleUpdate(">
            <option value=""></option>

to attributeInformation.html

But now i get the following error when saving 'java.lang.Float' datatype program attribute. On the actual documentation there is only regex field but not number.

[attributes on class org.openmrs.PatientProgram => value on class org.openmrs.PatientProgramAttribute => Error loading java.lang.Float and configuring it with null => Failed to instantiate class java.lang.Float with config null => java.lang.Float => java.lang.Float.()]

Failed to Save