Code Quality Leader: Ivo Ulrich

We have all have surely seen the great work that @teleivo has been doing at getting out code cleaned up, so I hereby declare him to be Code Quality Leader for OpenMRS.

This is a title I just made up, and I haven’t even asked Ivo if he wants it. But he’s not allowed to say no. :slight_smile:

(Joking aside, a leader in OpenMRS is just someone who’s doing the work, keeping OpenMRS’s best interests in mind. So, Ivo is a leader in this by definition, which is why he can’t say no.)

So @teleivo, keep up the good work on improving our code quality! And further, I suggest that you ask for pre-commit votes less often, and more often just inform of changes so they people make post-commit comments.

For example in this thread you asked for Wyclif and my votes on whether to make a change. But I know that you know what the right answer is, and Daniel and Lluis had already commented, so there’s no need for affirmative comments at that point.

In this specific case I wish your post today had said “FYI I deprecated @Verifies (here’s the ticket), and I added this to checkstyle.” And anyone is always able to disagree after the fact. Worst case we just revert a commit.

(Of course as we chatted about yesterday, when it comes to refactorings that would impact implementations and module authors, we do need to get wider input from people.)


Indeed @teleivo you just cannot run away from this. I can see it in your blood. You have a passion for code quality that i have never seen with any one working on the OpenMRS codebase ever since it was born! :smile:

I have already learn’t a lot from you and i look forward to learn more.

So man, keep up the awesomeness. The better the quality, the more lives we save! :cocktail:

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@teleivo seems like the automatic fit to me too.

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thank you all for your kind words :blush:, I happily accept :fireworks: and hope to serve our mission for a long time to come :smiley:

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