Codacy Bot comments?

Cool to see codacy running, but anyone know if there’s a way to set Github so a particular user’s comments (in this case the codacy-bot) doesn’t trigger a message to “watchers”. I’m watching OpenMRS Trunk, and would be nice if I could keep watching it, but I’m going to stop watching if it means getting 10 emails in a row when the codacy-bot runs… :slight_smile:

Also, looking deeper, we are probably going to want to tweak the rules a bit… having all methods under 75 lines is probably ideally a good thing, but it’s going to trigger a lot of alerts in the OpenMRS Core unless we plan a major refactoring. :wink:

Taker care, Mark

I agree with Mark, I also think that codacy might be a little contradictory to our code formatter

Please try if this one helps:

but @mogoodrich can it be that you actually mean the mention-bot which is what notifies people who edited files in the past that are touched in a new PR. For this one try here

@mogoodrich did you get a chance to try one of the suggestions?

Sweet, thanks @teleivo. I missed this response (must gotten lost in a bunch of emails with codacy-bot in the title… :slight_smile:

The first is what I wanted, I just did that, will see if it works.

@mseaton fyi