Closing the Analytics Engine Squad, for now.

Congrats to @akimaina @bashir & @jdick on their paper that came out of the Analytics Engine squad work (their hard work together!): OpenMRS Analytics Engine: A FHIR Based Approach OpenMRS Analytics Engine: A FHIR Based Approach - PubMed

The ETL pipeline has since been renamed “fhir-data-pipes” and this continues to be a key part of the Google Health team’s fhir strategy. Repo here.

Per the discussion here in slack, we are now cancelling (removing from the OpenMRS community calendar) the weekly Analytics Engine squad calls. Instead we can bring up analytics/etl topics on the Thursday TAC calls as-needed.

Rationale: It seems these Thursday call times are consistently no longer used, and as the initial ETL solution has been completed and several orgs aren’t actively working together, we don’t really fit the “Squad” definition anymore. Which is not a bad thing, it just means the initial goals were completed :slight_smile: Which is what squads are meant to achieve. We’d like to keep the OpenMRS calendar fresher in 2023.

This is not “the end” of analytics for OpenMRS, not at all; just moving the discussion to an existing technical call instead. If people still want a dedicated time to meet, I can also set up a monthly “Analytics Interest Group” call as a placeholder.