Clinician Usability and Adherence to Forms

ie, Why don’t clinicians fill out that %#!@ form properly?!

This topic is in follow-up to our unconference session. See notes here.

The key take-away is that there are two primary paths to improve clinician usability and adherence:

  1. Modifying forms to be tailored to the clinical work flow and needs of the clinician, including making it user friendly, while providing guidance (eg, more tick boxes, guidance alerts, hard stops)
  2. Monitoring and feedback: M&E on adherence including a mechanism of “public shaming” and/or prizes
  3. Training of clinicians

You can read the various examples provided in the notes. Thematically, all three areas require dedicated time to sit with clinicians for constructive discussion and input. Communication is key.

Discussion TALK points: Are there other examples or approaches which you would like to share? Ideas on how to establish a generalizable tool to provide guidance to implementers facing this challenge?