Clinical Establishment Act Registry and Reports

The Govt of Tamilnadu has enacted the Clinical Establishment Act under which the clinical establishments in Tamilnadu have to furnish various reports as per the formats in the attached files. This Act is applicable for establishments all over the country through a central Act. Is it possible to create or generate a separate Report in Reports app, confining to the Act? It is a very much needed feature and will drive this software’s adaptation throughout many hospitals. If it is possible to configure it on our own, I humbly request you to share the process and I will be grateful.
Thank you. (I could not upload attachments because I am new, I am pasting the links here)

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You can. Bahmni has multiple options for reports - some out of the box, some of them you will have to configure/setup, advanced ones you can derive from addons like Bahmni-mart. For example, for the simple Lab investigation report - try starting from the Bahmni out of the box report and confuring it to your needs.

Thank you very much for the reply. Is there any tutorial I can follow to configure as per your instruction? It would be better if there is a hint to follow

  1. Start from the WIKI page.
  2. See examples in reports configuration
  3. See other options like Bahmni-mart, OpenMRS reporting etc
  4. Join slack, ask community for examples.

Thank you for the reply. I will try my best to figure it out

@dhyaneshwar94 ,

I have gone through with your attached reports of Govt of Tamilnadu, As per the guideline of Angshu you can refer the Bahmni Reports and try it out as per your requirements.

Also I want to point for your reports you can use Bahmni feature of Embedding Reports with a predefined format you can achieve your reports.

Thank you very much for your input. I have referred to Mr. Angshu’s guidelines, but still, have some queries. I would be grateful if you can help me join the Slack community Thank you


As mentioned by @angshuonline here

Send a DM to Angshu with your email id so He can invite you to join Bahmni slack Channel.

Thank you for reply. I actually figured out how reports are configured, and saw the reports.json file. I want to know, how can I make my own report, with data from fields present in Obs forms? For example, there’s an obs form that lets us add Operation Notes and Procedures. One of the Clinical Establishment Act forms need us to report the operations and procedures, diagnosis for a particular period of time. How can we choose the fields that are to be shown? Where can I find those fields?

If these 5 forms are made available in this software, I’m very sure there’s no better alternative than this. It has become very essential for clinics and hospitals to report these entries to government officials on a monthly basis

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@dhyaneshwar94 - were you able to proceed on this?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to proceed. I was not able to properly get the software installed and running, as I kept running into several errors. I got so much fed up that I decided to leave the pursuit. Each time when I thought I came over one error, another one pops right up, despite following EVERY line of instructions properly. Main issue was getting CentOS installed properly. Next issue was to install Bahmni properly, some error or the other keeps popping up. Another thing is, Radiology and Connect modules don’t appear after installation. I have not seen any proper documentation regarding that issue here. I only wish that I was able to recreate all those CEA forms in Bahmni and contribute usefully to something as wonderful as this, but I feel like I am being denied of that opportunity, just because of the difficulty in setting up this software.

I am from the bahmni-core team and would like to connect with you in this regards. If you still have the bandwidth pls ping us. We dont want you to miss out the opportunity of exploring bahmni just because of installation issues which can be overcome easily with little support. Feel free to reach out to us. Always happy to help

Thank you very much for the response, at the moment I do not have the system in which I had installed CentOS. Also, I’m not using Cloud deployment, as I need local deployment. I will definitely ping you when I have the access to that system. Your response was a much needed one. Thank you once again

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@buvaneswariarun can I DM you on Slack?

yes please

If it helps, Bahmni Vagrant box 0.92 is available as well. If you are struggling with CentOS setup, then its probably to get some help.

Also, if you have used the default setup, most likely you didn’t enable Radiology and Connect components. Looking at the WIKI or asking any of us would have resolved your issue, I think.

Let us know how we can help. You are on the slack channel, so ping us there - we are more readily available over there.

I initially tried using Vagrant box, but that gave errors of its own. The main thing was, no obs forms loaded and even on rebuilding search index, it didn’t work. And, I even tried making a CentOS virtual machine, and installing Bahmni in it, which gave errors similar to installing Bahmni on a dedicated CentOS machine. Either the obs forms don’t load, and the radiology, connect modules don’t appear. I even got a friend to install it on Digital Ocean , it gave the same problem. DCM4CHEE module didn’t work due to some postgresql issue

I’ve a similar name in Slack too, I’ll ping you there, thanks