Clinical Decision Support (CDS) for OpenMRS: A path forward

Session Title: Clinical Decision Support (CDS) for OpenMRS

Session Type: Short Unconference Session (small room group discussion, 50 minutes)

Description: Clinical Decision Support can be very important and useful for OpenMRS. While we have CDS on our technical roadmap, we’re yet to go ahead with developing concrete plans to push ahead with CDS. The purpose of this session is to understand community needs around CDS, and try to determine a path forward.

Suggested By: @surangak and @jteich

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This topic is currently/preliminarily scheduled as an unconference session on the following date/time:

AT 2:20pm to 3:20pm, Thursday 10th December IN Classroom 3.1, Singapore Management University

For details and complete schedule, see:

Please reply if you have any concerns with this scheduling. Thanks!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for attending yesterday’s session on CDS for OpenMRS.

During the meeting, we identified a short list of low-hanging fruits and must haves. We also got an understanding of what’s already happened within community (Bahmni and the patient flags module by @mogoodrich)

@jteich, what are your impressions of this module?

Do we also want to find some time on a design call to discuss next steps, especially in terms of deliverables?