Client computer setup

(Nurudeen Lawal) #1

I was able to access my OMRS on the client computers. My problem is how do I get the client computers to open the login page of the OMRS without it running on the server?

(Juliet Wamalwa) #2

I stand to be corrected, for you to access the login page you need a server.

(Herbert Yiga) #3

could you try explainig more on this? Secondly are you on a network??

(Juliet Wamalwa) #4

This is a good question. The fact is whether on internet or not the server is required.

(Herbert Yiga) #5

basically he doesn’t need internet,but accessing the application on another machine requires him to be on the network then he can use the ip address to access the login page on another client as he requires.One machine can act as a server,and access the system on other clients using its ip address.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #6

oh thanks :smiley: for a nice reminder

(Nurudeen Lawal) #7

Gotten a work around the issue. By installing the enterprise war file instead of the full stand alone and getting tomcat and SQL server on automatic startup on the network server computer, the client computers can open instances of openmrs without the application running on the background on the server. For the standalone version, the core application has to be running so that the embedded tomcat and SQL are also active and can be accessed remotely by client PCs.

(Nurudeen Lawal) #8

The server can be accessed by entering ‘http://IP address of the server:tomcat port/openmrs(or openmrs-standalone)’ in the browsers of the client computers.

(Nurudeen Lawal) #9

Of course. Wireless network.

(Herbert Yiga) #10

get the ip address of the machine having the application and use it to access the application on another client for example

(Nurudeen Lawal) #11

The earlier option of installing the war version of openmrs, tomcat and mysql separately and enabling autostart works OK but I have an issue with this installation. The module folder is only located in system32 folder on C:\ and I want the installation and all files to be on D:\ due to space constraints on my SSD. Any help to get the installation of openmrs including the modules installed on the D:?