Clear steps on how to install OpenMRS 3.0

Application Name: Openmrs Platform Version Number: 3.0

Question: Please I would like someone to guide me on how to set up Openmrs 3.0 platform and deploy our existing custom modules in the 3.0 instance. I have searched online and tried the following links OpenMRS Frontend 3.0 Documentation for Developers and O3 Implementer Documentation: Set Up, Configure & Deploy - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki. Still, there is no simple and straight instruction on how to set up the 3.0 platform or upgrade an old instance in our Health facilities to the new 3.0, all the documentations in the mentioned links are somewhat confusing and not directly speaking to very simple steps on how to do this setup. I would appreciate it if there is a video guide or simple steps. Thank you **

The short version of this is that OpenMRS 3.0 doesn’t require platform changes as long as you are running OpenMRS Platform 2.2 or higher and already have the modules noted here. O3 is primarily a new UI and that part has extensive changes, but you’re still following one of the two deployment paths laid out in the implementer tools.

If you are not yet on Platform 2.2 or higher or want to upgrade to a newer version, the process is the same as it always was. Similarly, if you have some of the modules listed, but not the latest versions, those should be upgraded in the usual way.