Cleaning up "Projects" documentation - some questions

HI @herbert24 @jennifer and any others with an interest in crisper, cleaner OMRS documentation,

I’m working the Documentation Team’s Archiving Guidelines draft project, and trying to clean up some squad documentation under our Projects wiki space, and I saw this: image

What’s the difference between an “Active” project and an “Available” project? I looked through the hierarchy and some page examples, and this looks like an unintentional duplication. I’d like to combine these.

Also just want to say a big kudos and big thank you to @jnsereko for cleaning up so much old stuff by using this Outdated Pages page! @jnsereko if you’d like to collaborate on the Archiving Guidelines draft, I’d love to see your thoughts there about how you decided what pages were outdated. We could add that guidance into this draft.


@grace thanks for the works on this,i would think we can have projects which are available but not active at a given period of time cc @jennifer