Cleaned up GitHub teams

I did some long overdue house cleaning in the OpenMRS GitHub teams. For example, the old “partial” and “full” committer teams are gone (access is via Dev Stage teams). The old “transfer team” is gone, since it’s no longer necessary. This should have little affect on most devs.

Who is most likely affected?

The people who might be affected are:

  • Managing one or more repos under OpenMRS org
  • Not (yet) a /dev/3, /dev/4, or /dev/5
  • Had not been added as a collaborator on the repo(s)

What to do if someone inappropriately lost push access to an OpenMRS repo

While we prefer to help get people to /dev/3 or beyond, in some circumstances a /dev/2 or even outside collaborator needs to get push access to a repo hosted under the OpenMRS org. Any /dev/5 should be able to go into the settings for a repo and add someone as a collaborator to get them special write access to a repo when needed.

If you are having trouble, myself, @darius, @dkayiwa, @mseaton, or @ryan should be able to help.

If it helps, below is a list of people who were repo owners of specific repos in the past and may not have gotten onto /dev/3+ stage or (yet) been granted collaborator access to specific repos as needed:

github username (Name)

bhashitha DraggonZ (Zhaslan) gauravpaliwal (Gaurav Paliwal) gneza jberchmas (NDIKUBWIMANA Jean Berchmas) jordan6633 (Jordan Kellerstrass) KamilKalfas (Kamil Kalfas) lkellett mario-areias (Mário Areias) milinda-ruk pgatica rubailly (Bailly Rurangirwa) snooppy (Dmitry Krivenko)

Thanks Burke for doing this! Apparently, the links to view the /dev/4 and temporary-core teams seem to be broken

When GitHub transitioned to new team management a while ago, these teams were unpublished by default. We had left them that way in a combination of not-getting-around-to-changing-it and wanting the “truth” of Dev Stage assignment to be driven from Talk badges instead of GitHub.

I’ve made the teams public and added you as a maintainer n the temporary-core team to help @dkayiwa manage that team. Its intent was to give temporary write access to openmrs-core to people who were not a /dev/4 or /dev/5 working on a specific task/project that required write access to core. If you could check w/ @bharatak and @ssmusoke to see if they still need access and, if so, see if we can’t help them grow to the /dev/4 stage.

Got you! thanks!

@burke I am the playing the release manager for 2.0.x branch. I might need the access to openmrs-core. Can I be moved to /dev/4 ?, Currently I have merge access to openmrs-core as I got the temporary access for managing the 1.12.x release.

@bharatak you should have commit access to opemrs-core, have you tried it lately? Please let us know if you still don’t have access. And thanks for volunteering to be the release manager!

And the username we used is bharatak? Is that correct?

@burke I am looking to grow to /dev/4 and would need help achieving that status. @dkayiwa @wyclif any suggestions?

Another constraint is that I have to focus on 1.11.x platform on which the Uganda implementation is based for the medium term

Hi @wyclif I have commit access to openmrs-core and you are correct about the GitHub username.

@ssmusoke did you take a look at the dev stages wiki page for details regarding /dev/4?