Clean installation Ref App 3.0

Hello, I’ve installed the RefApp 3.0 using the docker-compose from this repo:

After the installation is completed, I saw that there is demo data. How can I make a clean install without demo data?

Also, is Docker a recommended deployment method for production usage?

Hi @hmouhtar,

Great that you are trying out O3. Pleas keep in mind that it is only going through its first alpha release.

There is a GP to control how demo data is generated I think, @ruhanga could you point to the right direction here?

For your own deployment however you will probably want to have your own distro depend and repackage O3, as it is done in Ozone for instance, see here. There, you could also decide to exclude the Reference Demo Data module - that would be my preferred approach.

Yes, by all means.

Hi @hmouhtar, you could rebuild the docker images after modifying/updating this file to have <value>0</value> so that no demo data is created upon startup.

Does this mean that those who do not want demo data will not be able to use the official docker image? :slight_smile:

This is one of the things that will be resolved before we get to a stable 3.x release. Right now, the “official” images are just intended to run OpenMRS’s 3 hosted versions.

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