Clarifying Cohort Builder App Definition Json File

Hello everyone. Our team has been working with the cohort builder, and as we were setting it up we noticed that the JSON in the README for adding an app definition results in an invalid JSON format error. After some searching we found that the given JSON doesn’t contain the “requiredPrivilege” field. We were wondering if it would be okay for us to update this section of README and make it consistent with the wikipedia page that is linked below.

Wiki Page


Hi @jasmineboyer

I preferred to keep that as mentioned in the given wiki page. It is the common JSON which we followed to add the OWA to the reference application Home Page.

Hi @suthagar23,

Just to clarify, you want to keep the README’s JSON app definition as is, which currently differs with the wiki by one line. The README leads me to believe I can copy and paste the JSON directly into adding an app definition, however I get an invalid JSON error. I easily can get to the wiki to figure out that I am missing the requiredPrivilege line, and when I add that I successfully can add the app definition to the homepage. Am I missing something about the JSON where it does not actually need this line?

This is without the line, directly pasted from the README:

This is after adding the line from the wiki: