Clarification on the release process

Dear all,

I need some clarification on OpenMRS release process.

  1. Suppose that I’m working on on my own branch (trunk-123) and I haven’t merged it with my master yet. The branch spawns to resolve an issue (according to the guide)
  2. I’m done with, I have committed it on its own branch before merging it with the master, I execute a pull request to align my master with the upstream.
  3. After pulling the upstream, some files are merged with their counterpart in my master (let’s say has been updated with the content of the upstream)
  4. I merge the branch with my master (for the sake of simplicity there is no conflict)
  5. I commit on the remote fork repository (origin/master)
  6. I make a pull request to merge my fork repository with the project repository Now, in the commit (step 5), there would be my modification on and also the update from the upstream, (step 3). Is it fine for you to receive a pull request (step 6) which include also the update from upstream ( and or you need a commit with only my modification (only

Alternatively, as this video suggests:

  1. I’m working on on my own branch (trunk-123) and I haven’t merged it with my master yet.
  2. When I’m done, I push the modification on the branch
  3. I make a pull request to merge in the “project repository” my commits available in my branch (trunk-123)

Here, I do not update my repository before the pull request.

What is the “best way” to contribute on the project? Thank you in advance,

You don’t merge your branch to your master branch. The master branch of your fork (origin/master) only gets updates when you pull them from upstream master.

When you’re finished with work on your branch, you submit a pull request from your branch to master on upstream. When those changes are merged, you can prune your branch and you will get the changes in your (origin) master the next time you pull changes from upstream.

Ok thank you. The video in this sense was really clear, not so clear the wiki page.

@domenico and we welcome wiki page edits to make things clearer! :slight_smile:

Ok, I can do it. Who are the authors of that page, just to see if they agree on my proposal

Just make the edits. The authors will automatically be notified with your changes and they will respond as appropriate. :slight_smile: