clarification on LUI-55

Hello, i recreate the problem on this ticket but i didn’t get the error according to the ticket description, is this ticket still relevant??

What do you mean by

Do you mean reproducing the bug locally?

yes locally

Did you look at all the comments in the underlying ticket and followed closely of how to reproduce the bug? If so, can you mention the steps you followed!

i followed these steps 1 -. Create a new form named “form1” (duplicate basic form). 2. - Add the concept 1633 (PAST MEDICAL HISTORY) to form schema. 3. - Create a new form named “form2” (duplicate basic form). 4. - Add the concept 1633 to form schema. The error appears.

Which platform version are you running?

standalone 2.8

Do we have such a platform version as yet?

referenceapplication-standalone-2.8.0 is what i found on the openmrs website(downloads) I think SO

Maybe to understand what platform and reffApp are : platform module vs reference application module

Did you read all comments in the ticket?

i read all the comments and its why am seeking for the clarification

coz there wasn’t a final clarification on the issue

Are you sure you are attempting to reproduce the bug using the right platform version?

as per the comments on the ticket, i thought so, may be you can guide on this

Did you see the above comment?

yes i so the comment

I believe you can now guess the issue :wink:

not really, may be a pointer

Well on the 3rd line of the ticket description, it’s clearly stated that OpenMRS Version: OpenMRS 1.8.2. Meaning setup a server running the affected version.

In a nutshell, downgrade your reffApp to run platform 1.8.2 and retry