Clarification on bug fixing of UI test cases

Dear all, I’ve noticed there are UI tests which need a fix (e.g., LoginTest). I was wondering how to do it in a proper way:

  1. Should I open an issue of type bug on the project openmrs-core for each test I’m fixing. If there isn’t one already one in the open state I’ll not duplicate it, of course. But in the case of LoginTest I couldn’t find any issue.
  2. Should I follow these instructions for the issues related to the test case?
  3. Should I also write down an acceptance test case (the information there are pretty old) if I found it is missing for the test I’m fixing.

Thank you in advance.

Yes feel free to open up an issue in either the Reference Application or Legacy UI project, depending on where you are working. This should not scare you because we can easily move the issue to whatever project it belongs to. You can follow those instructions. Where you find them out dated, edits are welcome. You are also empowered to make any new recommendations regarding how we can improve this process. Otherwise, thanks again for this great initiative! :slight_smile:

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