Clarification needed on Bahmni (V 0.92) Integration Points

Based on my understanding following are the integration points I would like to know what are the modules related to these integrations.

  • between bahmni and openmrs -
  • between bahmni and openelis
  • between bahmni and odoo
  • between openmrs - openelis -
  • between opemrs - odoo
  • between openelis-odoo - I am not so sure if this integration exists or not?

i found the following modules and web projects . i am not sure which one is for which integration.if anybody has idea please let me know.

Thanks & Regards Ravi

Atomfeed console is the base module of Bahmni for integration of all the above modules as you found the modules on github, which provide feeds to respective connect modules. You refer this Need Confirmation on Atom Feeds Properties Association link to understand the relation between each module integration & their associated atom-feed properties setup. This wiki page will explain you architecture & usage of all the modules