Clarification needed on adding modules to Bintray

I have noticed that our wiki doc for module releases contains info for the OpenMRS Bintray organisation members to be able to include other modules into the OpenMRS repo on Bintray. However, I noticed that it mentions that we must link the module with the module author’s bintray page rather than upload it to our repo. This results in a link being created but the module ultimately is still stored in the author’s repo itself and can only be accessed as an external user.

For example I have recently linked a module called Facelist. Inspite of linking it, I can only access it using [this url] instead of something like

Add-ons leverages the Bintray API which has a cap on the number of times we can use it to access external repositories( we can use the API to access the OpenMRS repo any number of times). We use the API to index module details. So, if we just link modules , we’ll soon run out of free API calls.

Hence , I wanted to know the correct approach keeping in mind the cap on the number of free API calls available.

Cc: @dkayiwa @darius @raff

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Bumping this thread up

I thought that I checked and verified that this wasn’t an issue, and that the Bintray REST API allows us to query things that are linked to the the OpenMRS repo via our own repo. Are you certain this is an issue?

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I just checked the API as well. On normally trying to visit{external-linked-module-name} , we receive a 404 error. However, I tried using the API to do the same and I am successfully able to get the module details. That’s good news indeed and simplifies the task of managing external modules much easier.