CIEL: Request for Concepts for Palladium

Hi @akanter, Palladium team had requested for service queues, which they wanted to be added on CIEL the same way they exist here : . Now, Cynthia @minimalist is looking for some concepts like priority, status and service, which are not yet added. These are convsets with set members and used on the frontend.

So, @akanter, will you please help Cynthia in this regard?

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I thought I had created all of these already. I think there was a talk post about OMRS 3.0 that required them? Did Cynthia look for them in CIEL?

Yes i did, there three that i did not find : Priority, Status and service.

These are currently question/answers, not convenience sets. It sounds like you need a convenience set for UI purposes?

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Sorry, see question above.