CIEL: Request for Concepts for KenyaEMR

Hi @akanter & @aojwang, taking this thread here so we can discuss easily :slight_smile:

So Andy, Anthony is wondering if the concepts for the queuing module can be added to CIEL. I had put together these example concepts in a sample collection within the OpenMRS source in OCL:

@aojwang can you first help us understand: Why add these to CIEL at all? Why not have a KenyaEMR source? You can have content from multiple sources in a single collection.

This demo collection was only meant to be demo content. Eg I imagined that some/most implementations will need the flexibility to change the Priority labels (eg from Emergent to Red, or Non-urgent to Routine or Green, etc), and/or the Service options (eg add options like Retention Worker, Social Worker, Dentist…). But maybe @akanter we can decide that it’s reasonable to have some defaults, especially for priority?

The queing module looks like this: (so @akanter you can see how these Convenience Sets like Priority and Status are used for this feature. This wireframe is just missing the visuals to show that the user can click to change the dropdown option, eg change a “Priority” patient to an “Emergent” patient.)

Implementers can also completely change the Concept they want in a given column by creating a new Convenience Set, eg maybe you want an additional column specifically called “Triage Score” with options like “1”, “2”, “3”, “A”, B, C, etc… (@corneliouzbett correct me if I’m wrong!)

It would seem like all of of OMRS 3.0 ref app concepts should be in CIEL, if possible… I think we should be able to come up with some defaults.

There are existing priorities that can be used. I don’t see the additional statuses in the demo collection (such as “Waiting for pharmacy”. I like those and would add them.

The queue module has a separate concept for the “service”, so the status concepts track “state” (waiting for / in service / finished) and then we have a separate set to track the possible services (pharmacy / clinical consultation / etc.). Then we sort of construct the UI display from the state + service. The idea was that different implementations will have different services, but the set of states is hopefully a bit smaller. Does that make sense?

Ok makes sense. So it really is post-coordination State + Service. We have most services then.

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Existing concepts include Triage Level-159637 (Emergency-1182, Urgent/Priority-1183, When convenient/Not urgent-1184). There is a fourth status: Emergency-ambulance required. I added a synonym of Treatment priority that would cover the priorities. The statuses will be added (Waiting, In service, Completed service). I will provide the details after creating them. They will be in the next release this weekend.

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Wow, thank you so much Andy for this fast turnaround!! @ibacher if I updated our sample collection to use these CIEL concepts, would this break anything?

It shouldn’t break anything. Do you remember how to deploy it to dev3?

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Thanks @grace and @akanter. Am happy the concepts will be in the next release and thanks @ibacher for the clear explanations.

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