CIEL Licensing?

I heard an interesting question recently about CIEL: Will there ever be a licensing model, MoU/contract, or fee associated with using CIEL?

Thought it would be helpful to publicly clarify. My understanding is that CIEL is a freely available Global Good that doesn’t and will never require any direct contract or individual license or fee for countries or implementers to use.

This was from an implementing partner who is a Implementing service provider and also consults for various Ministries of Health.

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We are going to have to review the license, but there is no requirement for direct or individual licensing for CIEL. If you want to use SNOMED codes, you should get a license from IHTSDO, but not for CIEL or the maps to SNOMED. There is an issue about commercial use of the terminology, but this was intended to prevent commercial terminology services from using it, not commercial implementations.

@akanter Then would the Mozilla Public License with Healthcare Disclaimer sufficient as it aligns it with the rest of the OpenMRS platform and extensions (modules, SDK, micro-frontends)

I doubt it. This is content, not code, and content can have both copyright and use requirements. There can be a sufficient license which eliminates the need for pre-registration or individual licensing, but I doubt it would be able to follow MPL 2.0 on its own. The healthcare disclaimer is helpful but not comprehensive. Interested to hearing what options are out there.