CIEL: Duplicate names in 1.11.x for Eparinn & Gratel in 'ht' locale

@akanter, there seems to be a problem with the CIEL for OpenMRS 1.11.x.

Both Eparinn and Gratel have duplicate entries in concept_name table in the ‘ht’ locale. This is causing concept validation errors when trying to export concept packages with the meta data sharing module.

mysql> select concept_id, name, locale, date_created, concept_name_id, uuid, concept_name_type from concept_name where name= “eparinn”; ±-----------±--------±-------±--------------------±----------------±-------------------------------------±------------------+ | concept_id | name | locale | date_created | concept_name_id | uuid | concept_name_type | ±-----------±--------±-------±--------------------±----------------±-------------------------------------±------------------+ | 162305 | Eparinn | ht | 2015-11-05 01:56:15 | 134677 | 134677BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB | FULLY_SPECIFIED | | 77413 | Eparinn | ht | 2015-12-30 19:50:22 | 135018 | 135018BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB | FULLY_SPECIFIED | ±-----------±--------±-------±--------------------±----------------±-------------------------------------±------------------+ 2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select concept_id, name, locale, date_created, concept_name_id, uuid, concept_name_type from concept_name where name= “gratel”; ±-----------±--------±-------±--------------------±----------------±-------------------------------------±------------------+ | concept_id | name | locale | date_created | concept_name_id | uuid | concept_name_type | ±-----------±--------±-------±--------------------±----------------±-------------------------------------±------------------+ | 136455 | Gratèl | ht | 2015-11-05 01:40:19 | 134641 | 134641BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB | FULLY_SPECIFIED | | 512 | Gratèl | ht | 2015-11-05 01:46:14 | 134644 | 134644BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB | FULLY_SPECIFIED | ±-----------±--------±-------±--------------------±----------------±-------------------------------------±------------------+ 2 rows in set (0.01 sec)

Full concept_name table

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@jdegraft, can you please show Andy the specific errors directly in this thread, so that he doesn’t have to click on any links or scroll through any log output?

I got the two examples. It appears that this is an issue where the Haitian term was applied to both the drug and the drug class. I will remove them from the classes.

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@akanter, would you release a new CIEL version in the near future? Or should @jdegraft manually delete two names/synonyms from the dictionary?

I think I would just retire those concept names from 162305 and 136455

I voided the itching name and changed the heparins name to klas eparinn.

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@akanter, version 1.11.x of CIEL in the dropbox is still showing the error.

@jdegraft, Andy was saying in the previous messages that he isn’t going to actually do a release with these fixes, but that we should clean them up manually.

He says:

Is it enough to make this change on the mdsbuilder server? (Do it carefully, so as not to change anything else…)

I can remove eparinn and gratel in concept_name in locale ht, but this will effectively remove them in ht. I could also remove the 2nd entry for both, which would leave one entry in ht.

In other words, eparinn refers to itching and rash in ht. I could remove rash which would leave eparinn in ht referring to itching. I would have to try it and see if this works.

This seems to be working.

However, additional duplicates for the record, 120148, 117399 in es

@jdegraft, I understand that

  • on 162305 you should have changed “eparinn” to “klas eparinn”
  • on 136455 you should void the name in the ht locale (yes, this means the concept will have no names in the ht locale)

@darius, sorry I missed that… There are so many duplicates it is difficult to go back. In all cases only one duplicate was removed though. I have left the package traces in the log. I am working on the last package but I should be finished soon.

This is correct. I haven’t done a release since fixing those items as @darius just described. They will be included in the next release which is planned for the beginning of next month.

What other duplicates did you get ?

Here are the CIEL duplicates: CIEL Errors

@raff, these could also be problems with mds validation. What is interesting is after I manually removed the duplicates as best as I could and mds exported the packages successfully with no validation errors, I got an error building referenceapplicationmetadata with the headers of the mds exported packages. Clearly the two modules validate concepts differently.


Thanks for the list

Will fix this for the next release

Let me know if you come up with other errors

Also it would be good to have a list of all the validation rules so we make sure we are running them on our end

@judy, this is a blocker for being able to release Reference Application 2.4. Do you think that you all can do a release soon-ish that has these fixes? (If it were just fixing 2 concept names, I was okay with having James do this directly, but with 10+ changes I don’t feel comfortable releasing a manually-patched version of CIEL.)

@jdegraft, how sure are you that these are all the errors?

I am sure, the exports completed after these errors were resolved.

I think we should get this out this weekend. I am surprised that they haven’t come up before.

Judy, these seem familiar. I think we resolved them before. Not sure how they got back in.

I am investigating the cause of how they got back in

I have a document for you to review (for all the duplicates i found and for the causes )

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