CIEL Dictionary

Where can I download CIEL Dictionary from. Andrew Kanter Suggested me to download it from “downloadable appliance”. But I dont know “downloadable appliance” link.

See the Getting and Using the MVP-CIEL Concept Dictionary wiki page.

Thanks a lot Darius. Always quick to help newbie like me.

This post suggests actual Dictionary is in the Drop Box and to email Andrew Kanter to get access to it. (Getting the latest concept dictionary paragraph)

I have sent him an email but he suggested it is in “downloadable appliance”.

Here is the part of message:

"You don’t need a subscription to the CIEL dictionary if you are just playing around. You can get the full version in the downloadable appliance. However, if you plan to do work and replace the concept tables with the full updated CIEL dictionary, then I would need to know where you are working (which country), which context (clinical, hospital, research, etc.) and which version of OpenMRS you are using. "

@jaks80, Andy means to say that you should:

  1. download a Standalone version of the OpenMRS Platform (the latest would be Platform 2.0.5)
  2. choose the “Starter Implementation” option

This will give you a blank OpenMRS installation that includes the CIEL dictionary.

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Thanks, Darius. His requirements appeared simple and so rather than create an instance and overwrite the concept tables, I recommended the standalone version. If anyone needs full access to the CIEL dictionary and updates, then I can add them to the dropbox. Open Concept Lab is another alternative once you are sure that you want to subscribe to CIEL.