CIEL concept questions related to Case-Based Reporting


We have a few remaining terminology-related questions for our Case-Based Reporting module.

  1. Could we get a “Trigger” (aka “Provoked by”) concept for CIEL? We are currently using SNOMED CT’s Trigger (410658008) (aka Provoked by) as the concept for our event triggers – i.e., reason(s) for case report. We’d be happy to have a CIEL concept equivalent that’s mapped to SNOMED 410658008.

  2. Any chance the new concepts you recently made for us have SNOMED mappings? Here are my attempts at mappings:

  1. Does CIEL have anything mapped to SNOMED CT’s Narrative value (117364006) or similar? We need to include a free text comment from the surveillance officer and need a CIEL concept for this. We were planning on using CIEL’s Free Text Comment (161011), but would like something mapped to SNOMED CT or LOINC.


-Burke :burke:

  1. Yes, of course.
  2. These do already have SCT codes. Why do you not see them? Viral load test not done is mapped to: 416237000 Procedure Not Done (which is a situation, not an attribute). Treatment interrupted/stopped is mapped to: 394908001 | Procedure stopped (situation) Symptomatic HIV infection is correct.
  3. I will add LOINC 48767-8 to the free text comment 161001 concept.

Thanks @akanter!

Is there a place to see them without importing from Dropbox SQL into a local MySQL instance? I’m looking forward to being able to browse new concepts as they’re created on In the meantime, I was just getting the codes from your Talk post, so couldn’t easily appreciate mappings.

Probably not. OCL would be the easiest. I can consider adding them to the table I use for the talk post, but I don’t want to create multiple rows per concept.