CIEL and ICD10 Mapping

@akanter, are all the CIEL concepts being mapped to ICD10 where applicable? Thanks!

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Yes, but we currently do not have a formal QA step to ensure that all diagnoses have ICD-10 codes. That would be a good check @judy. We can certainly add any missing maps.

Thanks for quick response, @akanter! Will hear from @judy on the QA.

Another question is that are all the ICD10 terms loaded in CIEL?

No. We do not include all of ICD-10-WHO as concepts. We are user driven (based on use case) although, I thought we did do a difference report at one point and we have good coverage. Would be a great report to run. @paynejd, do you think OCL can do this easily?

We do have all the data on which icd10 mappings are in CIEL but there is no direct straightforward way to analyze the full coverage. I am happy to check this out with the next full release of CIEL at the end of this month.

Thanks. I don’t actually have a full ICD-10-WHO table loaded on which to cross-reference which codes we have mapped and which we don’t. That seems to be the gap analysis, and then we can decide whether the code needs to be added to CIEL. Adding a code for “Other disease of…” doesn’t make sense for a medical record, but might make sense as an aggregator.

So , if i download openmrs code, i will need to add ICD-10 codes on the need basis?

I would prefer if we discussed this based on actual analysis of what you need. Just adding ICD-10 codes is not a good idea.