CI within OpenMRS - Bamboo vs Travis vs GitHub Actions vs Azure Pipelines

That’s been the strategy I’ve taken with core… it still builds on both GitHub Actions and Travis. That way, whenever Travis pulls the plug, it should be painless enough to remove.

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BTW @ibacher is there any way to speed up the builds in github actions? has anyone noticed increased build times with the shift or perhaps this is mainly affecting our ui tests?

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To be honest, I haven’t really been paying much attention to that kind of thing. My initial impetus for moving off Travis was to be able to support builds on Windows and after that it’s mostly been about realising that Travis was coming to its useful EOL, but I’m sure there are things that can be optimised further.


Well, it looks like the party is over and GitHub Actions are no longer unlimited and free. :frowning_face: image

From our experience with Travis, I’m guessing our community can expend 2000 minutes of GitHub Actions in a few days (or less), right? So, now, after all our efforts to migrate to them, GitHub actions will begin failing to execute for us. What options do we have? With some talented devops resources to assist @cintiadr, maybe we could harden CI (e.g., either to reliably clean up builds on our CI agents or to build and tear down agent VMs on demand)?

/cc @ibacher @mseaton

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I don’t think anything has materially changed w/r/t GitHub Actions. That limit has been there since we started this thread and we certainly haven’t had builds stopped due to minutes.

Bamboo is a good option and maybe we should migrate the deployment-specific stuff there to keep our use of GitHub Actions confined to builds on PRs (which might be migratable to Bamboo, but isn’t supported out of the box)).

@burke my interpretation of this is that the 2000 actions minutes / month only applies to private repositories, and that public repositories are unlimited and free. “GitHub Actions usage is free for both public repositories and self-hosted runners.”

Looking at our openmrs organization account settings, and clicking on the “Billing & plans” tab, it shows “Usage this month” at 0 minutes, and only appears to be looking at Private repos.

I don’t see anything at either the organization level or under any of our repository levels under either Settings or Actions (eg. for openmrs-core) that shows any metrics as to how many minutes that repository has used in the current month, or any way to monitor this. I would expect to see this if it was something that was limited or throttled.

Let’s do a little more checking and see what we can uncover before we move away from actions.

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Ok. Whew. :relieved:

We got notified from GitHub that we hadn’t paid our bill. It appears GitHub is trying to charge us $757 USD. There was an option to downgrade to a free account (which I did), but I think somewhere along the line we had accidentally agreed to an upgraded account. I don’t know if the bill was per user per month (our usage report only shows about $240 USD since 9 Dec 2020). In any case, we’ll get that sorted out.

What a relief that the GitHub Actions quota doesn’t apply to public repositories. That’s not clear in GitHub’s billing screens.