CI outage on January 8th is planned for mantainance on January 8th from 4 am UTC. The expected outage is 2 hours.

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@sparshadotel what will be the effects during the 2hrs of maintenance?

@jwnasambu We are moving the DB for all Atlassian products to a new instance. However we are doing it one product at a time. And Bamboo is scheduled for tomorrow. During this time CI will be down.

@sparshadotel thanks

this is starting now

CI is up after 45 minutes of downtime

All jobs seem to be in queue and no agents to build them.

Sparsha, you didn’t restart the Bamboo agents after the server was up again, and I think you didn’t check for online servers.

I restarted the services in all the three agents.

The queue is huge, but I do assume in a couple of hours it should be covered.

Actually, the builds were queued for so long it appears Bamboo removed them from the queue due to timeout.