*build pipeline not running*

The Infrastructure Team has got back up and running–thanks team!

However, I noticed that all the plans are currently stalled… and looking further, it appears that there are no agents running:!default.action

Looks like there are no local agents… there are 4 remote agents, but they are offline.

Does anyone know what the correct configuration is supposed to be here? I took a look at the PIH bamboo server, but we only have local agents, so not sure what the intended strategy is here.

I will note that in the current state the entire build pipeline is blocked–no tests run on commits, no artifacts deploy, unable to do releases, etc, so this in a high priority item.

I could set up some local agents, but don’t want to start messing around if I don’t know what the intent it.

Take care, Mark

Update: looks like the infrastructure team is looking into this, so hopefully we will be good shortly!

this appears to be back up… thanks @cintiadr!