CI Jobs fails on qaframework module(Resolved)

Hello QA!
Am currently enrolled on this issue and changes are passing locally. However, its the opposite when a commit is triggered on the remote repo. I think this could be caused by the recent merge on this module. @k.joseph could this be as a result of migrating the selenium test resources to distro.
Could there be any qa contributor facing this as well. cc @sharif @herbert24

You can always refer to the logs published on for summarised details, find the link your ci logs.

Otherwise in this case it’s just not your change that’s responsible or any change. the browser died and accessing the build and triggering it again may give you different results

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Thanks @k.joseph for quick response, @kdaud now could you try this out again and cross check

@k.joseph does this mean that whenever we push to qa contrib, cucumber studio is always configured to review those changes ,some clarification on this thanks

Practically the local build failed three times But on the fourth attempt the build passed without making any other change. @k.joseph does local builds has something associated with internet connectivity.
As per say when I triggered a commit, I received an email from travis with good news.

However, Lo and behold, navigating to the PR CI report is the opposite to the one received on mail.

i re-ran the same build and it was green, are u sure you were looking at the right one and rerun?


How do we re-run builds as mentioned by @k.joseph . Do i need to make a local change then commit it or Its some thing concerned with bamboo dashboard. cc: @sharif

if you have access to re-run builds in travis, then you would it there, otherwise our bamboo builds should be green now

I do not have access. Do I need to create an account for this or it requires some admin approval. Actually have just recently updated the pr And the error seems to be redirecting to @k.joseph first reply to this post

To add on @k.joseph suggestion ,You can also re-run the build by restarting the build plan after logging in into your as seen in the right corner of the screenshot

or simply do this git commit --allow-empty -m “Trigger” this will trigger your travis but without qualified changes

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I am able to login to Bamboo but can’t see the Restart build functionality

Actually that is travis not bamboo, click search repositories first, then if the search index renders some repos. simply click on the repository it have rendered there you wil be able to see it , let us know please

True! Any suggest on this then! Where do i re-run the build. Have also run git commit --allow-empty -m “Trigger” against the local branch and pushed the commit but no effect has been observed

True because you didnot push to your branch RATEST-101, you need to push then that will be able to triiger, its something like commiting an empty commit, Note that you can squash only this empty commit thanks

The re-ran is successful on the fifth attempt. The first four could not succeed!! cc: @sharif

Not sure why this happened that side like that may be you didnt first run your code