CI build status

The scrum on command no longer shows the CI build status. Can someone help fix please?

Sorry, which scrum command are you referring to?

The commands that state the CI build status.

And she is asking which command exactly is it?

@dkayiwa, @cintiadr i can’t a firm but was suspecting the travis CI has a problem i will be grateful to be corrected.

@jwnasambu , Cintia is asking for the scrum command that you are referring to. All she needs is you to tell her exactly what command it is.

@cintiadr am sorry for the delay i was meaning the !scrumon command. Thanks for the endless efforts today we got the CI build status.:rofl:

By the way, since yesterday, seems to be down. Is it the same with you @jwnasambu and @cintiadr ?

Look, pingdom and status page never reported it down. And it’s working for me as well.

Are you still having problems?

It is now working. Thanks :slight_smile: