Choosing convenient time for our OCL calls

As we intend to continue with the works around OCL,it will be great having members adding their convenient time and day that they think we can have our OCL calls on this thread.After,we shall have a doodle poll.Thanks cc @jennifer @ball @akanter @jecihjoy @mseaton @mogoodrich @kuang @dkayiwa @whiscard @karuhanga @darius @burke @tendomart @irenyak1 @jwnasambu

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Fridays are good. This is a priority for Partners In Health. Unfortunately I will not be available on Wednesday, Dec 18. We are on holiday from Dec 24 - Jan 1.

Thanks @herbert24.

I would prefer to keep this on Wed at 11am CST which might have to alternate with Product change committee, however…

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There’s an “OCL Weekly Sync” call on the OpenMRS calendar for tomorrow, but it’s at 10am EST, which would be 9am CST… is that the one you were referring to?

I think I could make that

Andrew S. Kanter, MD MPH FACMI +1.646.469.2421

we have created a doodle poll here kindly select your convinient time

Thanks @herbert24! I filled out the survey… is this for a single meeting, or a general time to have a weekly or biweekly OCL call?

Take care, Mark

thanks @mogoodrich its a general time to have a weekly ocl call.for today’s call the communication is here 2019-11-11 OCL Call

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Did we all agree on Wednesday as the final Day for the call ?

yes but we will not be having a call this wednesday,but hopefully on friday!!

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@herbert24 , wel done for the lead on this. please dont forget to also ping me on the call reminders. thanks

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Date and time ?