Check out our CY19 plan for Operations and Community Outreach/Engagement!

In December, we heard so many great ideas around community outreach, publicity, engagement, and such - it was inspiring! We’ve done some work on the Operations section of our CY19 plan and hopefully you’ll recognize a few ideas when you…review SG6 Operations tab in our CY19 Operational Planning Worksheet! Please use Column D for your comments and suggestions! (and give us a nudge if you think we’re being unrealistic or absent minded about anything)

We’ll take some time on this week’s S&O meeting to discuss this plan - and we can schedule more time if we need to continue the discussion.

Finally, if you are interested in helping with any of the activities in this plan this year, please fill out this survey and let us know!

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@jennifer thanks alot

@jennifer, I had made my submission last week. Do I need to do it again?

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@jwnasambu, thank you for submitting it last week! No need to do it again, though you should be able to edit your submission if you want to make any changes.

Thanks for the clarification.

Hi everyone!

We are setting aside a full hour to review and discuss our CY19 plan for Operations and Community Outreach/Engagement. If you check out the OpenMRS calendar on the wiki, you’ll see that this discussion will be on 23 January at 14h00 UTC, 9am EST.

In the meantime, please feel free to review the SG6 Operations tab of our CY19 Operational Planning Worksheet. Please use Column D for comments, suggestions, and ideas. You can also chime in and post your comments, suggestions, or questions here!

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Thanks Jennifer for the updates.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the call on Monday.

So I would like to give the heads up that I am personally involved in at least one large scale project involving OpenMRS that requires appropriate community engagement. I will take care of this from a technical standpoint but I would like to ensure that this engagement goes beyond just that given the scale and potential impact of the project.

@jennifer could you let me know what would be the next steps here in regards to the project mentioned above?

Cc @lilian @janflowers

I think it depends on what the project requires of the community?

Maybe we could discuss or perhaps if you could elaborate further which aspects the client is expecting from the community that would be very helpful

Thanks for the heads up!

@mksd, I like how you said “appropriate community engagement.” Each type of project probably needs something a little different or a combination of approaches. So maybe we look at the community engagement - and even education or capacity building - activities in our CY19 plan and think about how we can work together and use those planned activities to move a technical project ahead. So when you look at what is planned for community engagement, which ones do you think will work best for your project? Are there other forms of community engagement that could be used that are not coming out in our plan? What are they? What about some of the other strategic goals in our plan? Do they have something that will help?

Since today was a US holiday, the review of the Platform and Ref App objectives will be on Thursday, 24 January at 2pm UTC. And we’ll be spending an hour on the Operations/Community Engagement objective on Wednesday, 23 January, also at 2pm UTC. @mksd can you make either of those?