Check Modules Test (difference in local and online instances ) [Resolved]

I have been working on this Test and realized All cases(firefox, chrome, headless (false and true)) pass on the local instance but when ran against QA online instance, it fails.

I have found the difference to be the actions (which the test runs through to see if all modules are started by checking if there is a stop option )column which are not available on the online instance I think as an issue of privileges.

should the test be written to pass on the online instance or how can it be handled

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A test should run on both on online instance which is qa-server, this server is what is being run via a docker configuration. and your local instance.

Thanks @sharif . yes they are the same but i think there is a diffrence in configuration. have you notced it from the screenshots i shared !

You are correct. The online instance has module.allow_web_admin set to false in its runtime properties file. So the test needs to be changed to use some other technique to check if all modules are started.


Noted with Thanks @dkayiwa . i guess i will have to change even the local instance to match the same configuration. however i thought of first making it first got to module.allow_web_admin and set it to true if its false and then after that turn it back to the default false before closing the Test. Is this acceptable

I have realized I can’t access its runtime properties file… Thank you

Uploads are not allowed from the website at this time. The runtime property module.allow_web_admin must be set to true.

You do not have to touch the runtime properties file. Just use another technique to check if all modules are started.


This was taken on by @kdaud and was closed done

Fixed the issue at:

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