Chart Search Module for Reference Application - Final Presentation

Hi; Am so glad to have participated in GSoC this year, and woked on such an important project as this :smile: Surely, it has been such a big paying experience for me, i have gained lots of knowledge and gotten exposed to real life challenges in the developer’s world for the previous three months, i have used several new technologies and gotten more acquainted with the previous ones i was before using, I cannot complete if am to mention all the benefits i have obtained from GSoC, though am totally sure that it has given me greater experience with development and openMRS as i had not obtained before. Am conviced of the fact that i exceeded my original plan for GSoC, here is my original plan with the list of tickets that i have been able to handle throughout this summer.

I believe we still have a long way to go, and therefore will be leading up in the evolution of our module, i thank @dkayiwa for the great mentoring work through out these three months of robust research and coding, and also for accepting to be one of the maintainers of this module, so-far me and him are on for this purpose and welcome any other individuals to get the best out of our module.

I learned a lot indeed as i mentioned earlier on; am now well aquianted with the practical usage of many technologies such as Sorl(API etc), Ajax, jQuery, JSON, Spring MVC, UI Framework / Groovy Server Pages, and many others that i have gotten more knowledge about most especially several J2EE techologies. Still i have learnt several system admistration skills like setup and installing openmrs on a live server, troubleshooting any issues among others. Generally speaking i have not only impoved my OpenMRS skills but my general IT knowledge.

Am glad that we have reached this far, with two versions released through out this three months period and responded to several feedback we collected after installing the module on a live server for testing. Thank you so much for all your support in form of advise, reviews, testing, among others, we have not wasted out GSoC efforts but rather have obtained a useful google like search tool that we hoped for before:

Final Presentation:

Thanks once again,

Am still welcoming feedback from you regards k-joseph