Chart Search Module 1.4.1 Released

So glad to announce to our community that; we have just released Chart Search module 1.4. We have compiled a number of new features to consider looking out for such as;

  1. Supporting Feedback reception
  2. Supporting Multiple filtering
  3. Supporting preferences
  4. Supporting indexing and Searching patient appointments
  5. Supporting custom time results filtering
  6. Provided filter categories for both Allergies and Appointments
  7. Supporting disabling and enabling duplicate Results inclusion
  8. Support more filter category items besides Allergies and Appointments + Previous

And fixed quite a number of issues as you can read the 1.4 section of Chart Search Module Release Notes page

We sincerely thank the community members that have worked towards this Release most especially @nicholasfolk and @mksrom among others :smile:

You can download 1.4 from the Module’s Repository or directly by clicking here

Best wishes, hoping to hear from you if you need to get back to us for any reasons.


Thanks @k_joseph for the work. I was so busy lately I didn’t have much time to look at it (neither really be here for the feedback) I’ll give it a try asap (and probably push it into production end of September)



We just noticed a simple bug that could have bothered some folks that did intense usage of 1.4 which my development environment was not experiencing, so we decided to release a maintenance 1.4.1 release which cleared that issue, You can now download 1.4.1 straight from:


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